[Video] Are we really that interested in seeing drag race between McLaren 675LT, Porsche 911 GTS and… VW Golf R? image

This is a Top Gear drag race and the guys over there during the past few months have been doing great things – but we suppose they do run out of ideas once in a while. If they left the first two vehicles together, it would have been a pretty standard affair, but still watchable and enjoyable, though the outcome was also known beforehand.

But really now, is there anyone who thinks its cool to pit a 911 Carrera GTS against a 675LT and a… Golf R? It kinda’ gives you the spoiler up front without the alert – is there any universe where a 300 hp Golf R can withstand the onslaught of the 430 horsepower Porsche 911 GTS. And again there’s no chance the German sports car will have any chance against a full blown British supercar like the McLaren 675LT. By the way, that moniker means Long Tail and means it has been inspired by true racers. Ok, we’ll give them that, circuit ready or not it doesn’t really matter when hitting the throttle in a straight line.

More importantly to end the debate even before watching the video is the 675LT has the most powerful McLaren engine produces other than the one found in the P1 hybrid hypercar. And weight doesn’t matter when comparing a hatchback to a couple of sportscars that were from the start thought to be as lightweight as possible and money were no issue. And to quench all speculation, this is a regular Golf R, not some aftermarket contraption that got a pair of turbos strapped on. You may or may not enjoy this video… we didn’t. Shame on you TG.