[VIDEO] Arrinera supercar coming next year image

The Polish from Arrinera have just released two video in which they are showing their supercar prototype in action.

With an exterior design which is inspired by Lamborghini’s lines, a tubular steel chassis, a lightweight carbon Kevlar body and 19 inch wheels on the front and 20 in the rear, the Arrinera’s future has only one path: to disappear as quickly as it appeared or to shock us like the Pagani did.

Arrinera’s power is coming from a 6.2 liter V8 engine, which is most likely the same found on the Corvette ZR1, which is developing 638 horsepower and 819 Nm of torque.

According to the manufacturer, the interior is fitted with premium leather upholstery, aluminum accents, a thermal imaging system and, being a supercar, the carbon fiber trim couldn’t be left aside.

The Polish supercar will be launched into production next year and will hit the European, Chinese, Middle East and United States auto markets in late 2012.