[Video] Aston Martin and Tom Brady partner for the sake of beautiful image

The British exotic manufacturer is introducing a rather quirky partnership with NFL superstar Tom Brady, with the New England Patriots’ quarterback working on a “content series” called Category of One.

The automaker has announced Brady will be tasked to help Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman on the series that is set to “explore their affinity for The Love of Beautiful.” The general idea is to have Brady explain what he sees as beautiful in life, including in sports. He will also deliver a much more down to earth idea – which is more appealing to us auto geeks – as he will create his dream car on the basis of the 2018 Aston Martin Vanquish S, with a documentary chronicling his choices within the series. The car will also come to life sometimes this summer.

Aston Martin is looking to make forgotten the hard times it had following the latest economic crisis and it’s now ready to be reborn. The first stage of the renaissance is of course the introduction of the new generation DB11 – and from there on a new vehicle will arrive in the lineup every year through 2022. We already know next in line is the roadster variant of the grand tourer coupe, while the new generation Vantage is also en route.