[Video] Aston Martin DB11 Volante makes you summer-sick all over image

People in the Northern hemisphere are already experiencing the first “bonuses” of wintery weather, but it seems Aston Martin thinks there are still enough places that still have warm, summer weather – and long for the open-top version of the DB11.

It’s easy to understand the Volante in Aston’s lineup – it’s the drop your top, look gorgeous in the sun version of the next generation coupe, the one architecture that will form the backbone of all future Astons. The flowing lines of the coupe are mixed here with an elegant, traditional soft top that is quick to react to the driver’s desire to lower it – 14 seconds is all it takes. Initially, V12 lovers will feel left aside because the inception version is combined with the Mercedes-AMG-sourced 4.0-liter biturbo V8, packing 503 horsepower (375 kilowatts) and 513 pound-feet (675 Newton-meters), linked to an eight-speed automatic transmission that sends power to the rear wheels via a standard limited-slip differential.

[Video] Aston Martin DB11 Volante makes you summer-sick all over 16

That’s enough motivation for a sprint to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 4.1 seconds and a maximum speed of 187 mph (300 kph). This is just a tenth of a second slower to 62 mph while retaining the same top speed – if you have the bones to reach it with the top down. According to Max Szwaj, Aston Martin Chief Technical Officer, the DB11 Volante took the DB11’s all-new bonded structure and delivered improvements of “26 kg (57 lb) lighter and 5 per cent stiffness” over the predecessor. The Volante shares the design traits with its coupe brother, whereas the soft top is available in bordeaux red, black, silver or grey silver, complete with standard Alcantara headliner on the inside. In addition, the trim on the center stack is matched on the upper portions of the seat backs, for finishes such as Piano Black, Light Ash Open, Dyed Tamo Ask Open Pore, Satin Chopped Carbon, or Satin 2×2 Twill Carbon.