Because when you’re manually building supercars you have all sorts of bits and pieces lying around at the end of the build, Aston Martin has decided to recycle its excess leather into a creative experience.

The showcase can actually called a work of art, as the leftover bits and pieces were matched and used to create a leather representation of the Vanquish. This is a good example of real life applications of the “Nothing is lost. Everything is transformed” quote written by German writer Michael Ende, author of “The Neverending Story”. The video also showcases both the craftsmanship of the people working over at Gaydon, while also serving as a statement that beautiful cars are not just metal spectacles – but will look good in anything. And take that to a whole new level since the creation was possible using different types of leather that were leftovers from the cabin finishes. The art work of course required different colors and will proudly be displayed on a canvas in the VIP atrium at the company’s headquarters in Gaydon, U.K.

The level of craftsmanship over at Gaydon is already renowned but it pays off when the company actually shows off the skills outside the regular business – and the craftsmen did a fine job picking up the Vanquish as one of the best examples of Aston Martin flavor out there. And if we look carefully we can see there are literally hundreds of pieces of leather that were used for the build, so work was again abundant for the artists, which also needed to rework many of the leftover hide samples to make sure they will depict exactly what they need.



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