[Video] Aston Martin shares some of DB11’s aerodynamic secrets image

Since December is Santa Claus month, everybody is seemingly feeling ready for giving – probably aiming for a last minute recall out of the naughty list. Aston Martin apparently feels like sharing DB11’s aerodynamic prowess.

The British exotic supercar automaker has never been accused of sticking to the boring side of the design process – but even here form follows function, albeit with the reveal that beautiful form it is. The DB11 – just like every other Aston Martin, is gorgeous from every angle – and it’s even more enticing since it’s been expected for long to replace the ageing, but still spectacular DB9. Apparently – just like any other automaker should – Aston Martin did its homework by extensively trialing the body of the DB11 in the wind tunnel for optimal aerodynamic efficiency.


One example is the gill-like vent seen in each front wheel arch lining – it’s called the “Curlicue” and is there to lower unwanted front-end aerodynamic lift. It will achieve that by delivering the high-pressure air from the front wheel arches’ top through recessed apertures sitting behind the iconic Aston side strikes. Even the side mirror arms serve an aerodynamic purpose and the back is home to the automatically deployable “AeroBlade” that will use airflow along the car’s flanks to increase rear stability. At the base of the C pillars there’s some intakes that will draw airflow within the DB11’s bodywork before sending it out using the slots in the trunk lid. The AeroBlade even has a built-in small active spoiler automatically activated at high speed to increase effectiveness.