[Video] Aston Martin V8 Vantage Blades Edition gets delivered with an aerobatic theme image

Since only five lucky owners will exist when it comes to the V8 Vantage S Blades Edition, the buyers got the full VIP treatment during the delivery event as the automaker also called the aerobatic experts for a demo flight.

Since taking home the keys of a brand new Aston Martin isn’t exciting enough these days, even if we’re talking about an extremely limited special series, the brand’s Cambridge dealer decided to bring things to a whole new level. The delivery day included for the five customers who decided to spend their cash on the V8 Vantage S “Blades Edition” a tasty treat – they hitched a ride on board the aerobatic planes of The Blades team. And if pulling extreme G forces wasn’t enough, they also relaxed afterwards by hitting the race track in their new rides while being tutored by members of the Aston Martin professional driving team. You would think that was all – but there’s even more: a Formula 1 racing simulator was also on point and the unforgettable experience had them head back home with a matching black and orange leather photo album of the car’s production life story.

The special run V8 Vantage S Blades Edition has been unveiled back in January after being commissioned by the Cambridge dealer and has a livery inspired by the tri-colored planes of the aerobatic team. All five units have a silver finish, black roof and orange accents, with darkened wheels. Aston also decided to have the calipers in orange and as a measure of differentiation there’s also a carbon fiber front spoiler. The premium for the edition was of £9,250 compared to a standard V8 Vantage S, for a cool total of £119,950.