The British based automaker Aston Martin has released a new teaser video with the upcoming Vulcan, which will be officially presented to the public at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, in early next month.

The brand new Aston Martin Vulcan is being placed into the spotlights once again, this time with the help of yet another teaser video, which has been released by the British based automaker. The model in question is believed to be a track only toy but don’t expect something similar to the McLaren P1 GTR or to the Ferrari FXX K because you will most likely be disappointed.

The newest teaser video with the upcoming Aston Martin Vulcan is partially revealing the rear end of the car and this is shown spitting flames through its exhaust system, so be warned, you may end up downloading the video, add it to your mobile phone and talk about it with your friends if you are an Aston Martin fan, so you should watch it at your own risk.

Rumor has it that the brand new Aston Martin Vulcan will be the most extreme Aston Martin race car ever to have been produced. The model should get a stripped out interior design with one or two bucket seats, with a roll cage, a racing steering wheel and so on. Expect an updated braking system, a racing tuned suspension, better steering and more. Additional details on the Aston Martin Vulcan are limited at this time and will be announced during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.


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