[VIDEO] ATV hits cow – both animals survive image

An ATV has recently hit a cow while travelling at high speed on a deserted road and the driver’s camera has caught the whole incident on tape, or on the memory stick, whatever.

The former champion of the Argentinian Rally Cross Country, Lucas Bonetto, has recently hit a cow while riding his ATV on a deserted road. The best news is that both animals survived the impact, but the one on the ATV has suffered some minor injuries because we can hear some moans which don’t seem to be similar to the ones coming out of “its” mouth during the mating season, when “it” wants to attract a partner, preferably from the opposite sex.

This has to be one of the funniest crashes we have ever seen and Lucas Bonetto, if you happen to read this, don’t take it personally, man, as Americans say when talking about Vietnam or Koreea: “We don’t know, man, we weren’t there!”. Well, enough is enough, and the best news is that the former Rally Cross Country champion is OK and so is the cow, and after all, all is well when it ends well. Feel free to express your “love” towards this weak article below.