[VIDEO] Audi A7 Piloted Driving Concept takes itself from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas image

Audi has proven than it has what it takes when it comes to autonomous vehicles as its recently unveiled A7 Piloted Driving Concept has taken itself on a 550 mile trip.

The German based automaker Audi is playing on a whole new level with its A7 Piloted Driving Concept as the model in question has been taken for a 550 mile (885 km) trip, from Silicon Valley, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada. The one-off vehicle has been taking journalists on the long distance test drive whose final destination has been the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

Audi says that the concept autonomous car can initiate passing maneuvers, lane changes, accelerating and braking independently, but before changing its lane, it is adapting its speed to surrounding vehicles. The vehicle has several sensors on it and laser scanners which have been mounted within the single frame grille and the rear bumper skirt. This is apparently close to production, but don’t expect to see it in a showroom in the near future.

This isn’t the first time when Audi is highlighting the A7 Piloted Driving Concept as back in the 2014 autumn, when it was first shown, it managed to lap the Hockenheim at “racing speed”, without a driver. The time stood at just over two minutes and the orientation on the track has been provided by specially corrected GPS signals, which have been transmitted to it through a WiFi connection.