With Audi finally concluding the endless teaser campaign for the flagship A8, revealed today at the Audi Summit in Barcelona, but we’re already focusing on another product from the brand.

We’re getting here the first chance to see the upcoming new generation A7 Sportback – a vehicle that shares the same DNA with the A8 limousine – but treats it to the sporty fastback body style. While we’re not fans of the rather boring Audi designs of recent times, which show little innovation, we counted the first generation A7 among our all-time favorites. The next-generation A Sportback isn’t going to ruin them, and chances are they’ll be subtly improved to the point of needing to remember the exact points of differentiation to spot the two cars later on.

Before that happens, we can see here the spied A7 is wearing the production design, unlike other prototypes that weren’t using the production-spec body panels. Of course the front end looks like the drawing presented a few months back by Marc Lichte’s sketch – hexagonal grille with short, sharp edges, high-tech headlights and a different treatment to the front bumper’s sides than on the A8 limousine. The video also shows the rear’s curvy design, which retains the spoiler, extended here just like on the current model.


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