Don’t expect any surprises in terms of design, but rest assured that Audi is gracing its new generation A8 with the best technology currently available and even more.

The next-gen Audi A8 is closer and closer to production and a new teaser is apparently confirming at least part of the reports that claim the sedan will be offered with Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities – meaning it will be able to steer, accelerate, and slow down without human input. And in a new teaser, the company demonstrates associated features of the high-tech system, with the limousine able to remotely park itself without a human presence inside. The calm video showcases a father driving his sleeping son home – most likely after seeing Spider-Man: Homecoming, which has the A8 in it (you know, because Iron Man is also there).

[Video] Audi A8 teaser is of course all about technology 2

Dad takes the sleeping kid inside (in reality once home the kids revert to their huge energy state on most occasions) and with a press of the button on the key fob, the sedan takes itself into the ultra-modern house’s garage. Audi is really close to introducing the A8 during the Audi Summit on July 11 in Barcelona and we already know lots about it. The new A8 has a standard 48-volt mild hybrid system, a new aluminum-intensive architecture, as well as an advanced coasting function that can kill the engine completely between 34.2 and 99.4 miles per hour (55 to 160 kilometers per hour).


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