[Video] Audi commercial features a “depressed” T-Rex image

Ok, having a Tyrannosaurus Rex near you wouldn’t be a good idea – but how can you not love this poor “guy”, who was once the baddest baddie alive – feared and revered at the same time?

Our poor Ty saw times they are a changing – and he tried to change with them. But adaptation just didn’t function for him in this crazy fast modern world, as a series of mishaps have hit him and gradually fear and reverence became laughter and derision. But fret not, a piece of technology – found conveniently in an Audi car – was the one thing that turned his bleak life around, allowing him to have never-experienced freedom.

This is why he used the Audi RS7 and the piloted driving system – his feet are too big to use the pedals and arms too small to reach for the steering wheel. But that doesn’t matter anymore because the autonomous driving technology does everything for him – and in the process turned his life around. It could be an obscure piece in local media – but because we’re dealing with one of the smartest commercials around, it manages to feel both hilarious and genuinely emotional. So, no matter how many lap records you post in your tech-advanced autonomous car, there’s always room for a lovable character. Even if he was once a feared predator.