[Video] Audi commercial shows they do feel sorry for giving up endurance racing image

The company has decided to go for a somber goodbye to the world of endurance racing, as it sees the Le Mans being a core part of the brand’s development over the past few decades.

Audi decided to take a detour and swing by the Le Mans track one last time in a melancholic new commercial- there’s also a cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Homeward Bound, ” with the spot being a dire farewell to the firm’s highly successful endurance racing program. Audis from all over the world come to the famed racing circuit – the navigation systems all tuned for Home, which is actually Le Mans. Sadly, the company is done racing for quite a few years from now on.

Audi announced late last month that after 18 years of incredible success they would be signing off from the top level of endurance racing – with reports claiming the high development costs and a switch in strategy away from diesels to electricity being the cause. We’re also adding the Dieselgate scandal into the equation – though Audi will still be in motorsport. The DTM program is still on, but the company will now enhance its presence in Formula E and also continue to compete in World Rallycross.