[Video] Audi demonstrates with cigar and bucket of water A8’s silky ride image

The German automaker has praised its new suspension technology – among others – at the introductory event for the new generation A8 limousine, but has now also decided to put it to a practical test.

Eddie Sinclair, the manager of a VIP chauffeur company was given the opportunity by the automaker to ride and check out the fullsize sedan – and he was tasked to drive it with a bucket of water on the hood that was placed there by none other than Audi’s head of development for vehicle dynamics, Victor Underberg. He was supposed to see no spilled water at the end of a track lap. The run was almost perfect – at one point in the vide you’ll see some drops of water on the windshield – and it’s not because it started to rain.

The test was not to prove the VIP chauffeur’s driver qualities, but the car’s ability to offer a silky-smooth ride. It was also complimented by another trial – another experiment saw a cigar sitting on top of the dashboard, With Eddie seeing if it will roll over on a bumpy road. The chauffeur of interesting names such as Google co-founder Lawrence Edward “Larry” Page and actor Johnny Depp, he was then treated to the back seat with Audi’s Victor Underberg at the helm. By the way, did you know Audi’s A8 has summer and winter fragrances coming from the Air Quality package, created by Robertet, the oldest perfume house in the world?