[Video] Audi has a new concept ready for 2017 Auto Shanghai image

The Ingolstadt-based automaker is coming to this year’s edition of the second important auto show in April – Auto Shanghai – with a literally lit concept, featuring lots and lots of lights, both front and back.

This is actually the second teaser, in the first one we saw a very enlightened front end, complete with an illuminated Four Rings logo. Now the new video comes to show they mirrored the credentials with a very radiant rear, which sees thin strips of horizontal LEDs make up the taillights. There are also other lights below them that perform all sorts of imagery tricks, while the turn signals are also in for the stunts with a streaming motion when active – while the final touch has the Four Rings logo lighting up in a red hue.

Audi is not ready to spill all details about the model, but we do know there’s an E-Tron logo so we’re dealing with a PHEV or a fully electric model. If it’s the second alternative we hope they have a sizeable battery pack – just to keep all those lights up during dark nights. Both are keeping body details under wrap, but in the second teaser we seem to glimpse a regular trunk – so we might be dealing with a sedan or coupe, not a hatchback that would hint at a crossover style.