[Video] Audi Middle East Q2 photoshoot actually used a model image

Mexican artist Felix Hernandez Rodriguez is renowned for his ability to photograph very small things and make them look almost exactly like their real-world counterparts.

This is why Audi Middle East asked him to use a 1/43 scale model of the Q2 and deliver photos that make it look like it was actually in Dubai – the real one. Hernandez first off delivered a desert scene in his studio in Cancún, Mexico, and later went to Dubai to find the location for the background shoot. The video is a behind the scenes case where we see the process, which is quite interesting – from sandpaper and tape, Hernandez builds a realistic road for example, and we won’t spoil how he builds the actual sand dunes.

[Video] Audi Middle East Q2 photoshoot actually used a model 4

Although he had worked extensively with scale models, Hernandez talked about this experience being a new project for him – “This was my first time doing this kind of photography with such a small scale model. I learned a lot in the process, as is not the same working with a 1/18 scale than with a 1/43,” he commented. By the way, this is not his first encounter with Audi – late 2016 he showed the R8 on a shore – but in reality it was a scale model on a table, with the elements created via flour, sand, rocks, and even cigarette smoke.