[Video] Audi Q8 seen thundering in and around Nurburgring image

Very few owners will even consider taking their newly acquired Audi Q8 sometime around 2019-2020 when it will be released for the general audience, but nevertheless honing it on the Green Hell is both instructive and a question of honor nowadays.

The Nordschleife is adamant to dynamic development for many brands – but arguably a hulking SUV that will never ever see the track (or an off-road course, for that matter) doesn’t needs to see the Nurburgring parkours. But it arguably needs to be seen – as people will mentally know the SUV has what it takes and that will suffice. Audi is looking to bring even more SUVs to the masses than before – four new high-riding models will be introduced before the end of the decade. The Q8 and the fully electric E-Tron will premiere in 2018, while the Q4 and the E-Tron Sportback will follow suit in 2019.

This new video shot at the Nürburgring track in Germany is clearly depicting the next flagship SUV – the Q8 – a more dynamic stance on the current Q7 and a true luxobarge that’s currently undergoing prototype testing. Most likely the Q8 is going to feature a design inspired by the previewing concepts – Q8 and Q8 Sport (pictured) – while components will be mixed in between the Q7 and the newly released A8.