[VIDEO] Audi R8’s 5th birthday celebrated into the U.S. image

The North American division of Audi has recently launched a new video with the R8 sports car, celebrating its five years of existence.

Even if the German sports car has been here quite some time and a new generation of the Audi R8 is getting ready to hit the market in the nearby future, the model is once again placed into the spotlights, this time by the United States division of the manufacturer who recently launched a promotional video, celebrating its fifth birthday. Over the years, the Audi R8 came as a coupe and a convertible, powered by the 4.2 liter V8 engine or the larger 5.2 liter V10, and there is even an electric version named the R8 e-tron, a powerful R8 GT and aven an R8 LMS race car.

As a reminder, the Audi R8 is a mid-engine, two-seater sports car, being designed, developed and manufactured by Audi AG’s high performance private subsidiary company, Quattro GmbH. The R8 is based on the same platform as the Lamborghini Gallardo and it’s using an aluminum monocoque which is built around space frame principles. The sports car has been in production ever since 2006 but a new generation is on its way.