[VIDEO] Audi R8 Spyder catches fire in parking lot image

An expensive Audi R8 Spyder has recently caught fire in a parking lot in France for no obvious reason.

Buying a supercar isn’t all about glamour, on cruising the Ivory Coast with the top down at dawn and stopping for refueling more often and sadly more and more customers find out the hard way that having such a vehicle in your garage can sometimes mean more problems. Spontaneous combustion and supercars go hand in hand these days and the latest example of such a vehicle developing a mind of its own and suddenly bursting into flames is coming all the way from Lyon, France.

According to witnesses, the German supercar was quietly sitting in a parking lot when flames started coming out of its engine compartment. We have no details on how the fire started so if you known more than us on this subject, please feel free to share. Meanwhile you can check out the Audi R8 Spyder in question going out in flames in the video posted below. Viewer discretion is advised if you’re a fan of the German supercar, because you may pour some tears while looking at this clip.