[Video] Audi showcases the virtual instrument cluster of the 2016 A4 image

Audi is continuing with its marketing campaign designed to attract the consumer attention to the new generation A4, which frankly needs the entire buzz it can get since it’s almost indistinguishable from the previous generation.

The latest promotional video showcases the optional digital cockpit, which is yours for the lump sum of 500 euros. The best selling Audi model needs round the clock marketing to make sure the all-new B9 generation is well received. Not long ago we caught a glimpse of the equally optional matrix LED headlights and the company is now highlighting another advanced technical feature, the Audi Virtual Cockpit, which looks ready to land in every model series since it was unveiled with the new generation TT sports car. The feature is now available not only in the TT, Q7 and R8, but also in the mainstream A4, changing completely the analog gauges for the 12.3-inch LCD monitor that has a 1,440 x 540 resolution and a very smooth 60 fps thanks to a powerful graphics processor and the rather low resolution for its dimensions.

Audi says the virtual needles are extremely accurate and the user will have the ability to switch between two modes of operation thanks to a “view” button located on the steering wheel. Using the infotainment mode the driver gets a main window showing off navigation map or lists with data from radio, audio and telephone. In classic mode, the tachometer and speedometer mimic conventional dials and in the center there’s a “regular” smaller central screen.