[Video] Audi teases the A8L complete with “relaxation seat” image

The Ingolstadt automaker is keen on making us know almost everything about the next generation A8 before its intended release comes on July 11 – when the model will be revealed in Barcelona.

Audi is still keen on delivering us the Spider-Man connection, with the Spidey-themed teaser video actually showing us what owners of the upcoming A8L, long wheelbase version, will have in store. The long-wheelbase version of the fullsize sedan will of course sit at the top of the range, complete with lots of legroom and a touch-operated rear center console providing access to most of the car’s functions. One interesting perk is the foot massage, which brings an electrically operated panel mounted on the front seat’s back to allow the passenger stretch out as comfortably as possible and get the toe massage courtesy of Audi’s new “relaxation seat.”

Aside from the fact that we’ll probably get to see both the regular A8 and the A8L from day one, the teaser video also includes some Easter Eggs, because our vulture eyes (it’s a pun intended to also connect with Spider-Man’s Homecoming antagonist) have also noticed something new. There’s even a secondary touch panel fitted down on the front center console from where the driver and the front passenger will play with the climate control settings. This means the new A8 follows in the footsteps of the two Q8 concepts.