[Video] Audi teases the tech of the A8, we look at the interior details image

The Ingolstadt-based automaker is fortunately classic in its teaser campaign for the new generation A8 limousine, leaving a trail of technology breadcrumbs for us to follow.

No extravagant ideas for the flagship’s teaser campaign – we’re treated to glimpses of the car’s new technologies, such as the advanced remote parking system we saw last week in a previous teaser. Now it’s time for the Traffic Jam Pilot system to shine – the automaker’s moniker for the equally advanced semi-autonomous driving system. But with the video also come up other interesting details – such as a first catch of the second-generation Audi Virtual Cockpit. The traffic jam pilot system is letting the driver take the hands off the wheel as the car handles stop & go traffic on its own.

The footage is also showing parts of the A8’s interior – so we’re able to see part of the dashboard, including the second-generation Audi Virtual Cockpit. We can easily expect the new version to come with better graphics and upgraded chips – and it’s also going to compliment the all-new infotainment system as far as we can see in the video. The A8 depicted here also has an optional rear-seat entertainment system and on the outside we can also glimpse the design of the all-LED headlights and the “Quattro” logo on the grille. PS. We also included a teaser video of the A8 being featured in the new Marvel Spider-Man: Homecoming.