[VIDEO] Audi teasing new mysterious model image

Audi has released a first teaser video which is giving us a glimpse of a future production model, which will be unveiled on the 12th of February.

The German based automaker Audi has brought a brand new model into everyone’s attention by releasing a teaser video with it. As you are probably expecting, the clip posted below isn’t showing anything interesting on the new model but chances are that this will either be one of the following: the S1 Quattro, the new TT generation, the S3 Cabrio or the second generation of the Q7 SUV.

If we should bet on one of them, our money would definitely be on a new generation of the Audi TT. The model in question will be inspired by the Allroad Shooting Brake Concept and it’s believed to gain a 1.8 liter TFSI engine under its hood, generating 180 HP (132 kW), along with a 220 HP (162 kW) and 300 HP (221 kW) 2.0 liter TFSI. The TT-RS top of the line version will be packing a five-cylinder unit, with 380 HP (279 kW). More details on the future Audi TT generation are limited for the moment and will be announced this year.