We still don’t know what to feel about Ridley Scott’s Prometheus that restarted the Alien franchise, but we’re hoping the new “Alien: Covenant” sci-fi title will rekindle some of the Ellen Ripley fantasy horror thrills.

Somebody has faith in the new installment – more precisely Audi, which has decided to showcase its Audi Lunar Quattro 3D-printed moon rover in the film. The little robot has been berthed into the world not through a chest – but via a 3D metal printer at Audi’s home in Ingolstadt. There it will have some “patrol dog” duties on the Terraforming Bay and be tasked to see what lurks into the darkness – a much better idea to use it than have people stumble about and get killed (we’re pretty sure that will happen too, though). Fictional action, real Audi Lunar Quattro, actually, because the rover is preparing for a trip to the moon “in the very near future.”

It has been developed since 2015, the moon rover being the “child” of Robert Böhme, founder and CEO of Berlin-based startup “Part-Time Scientists.” Audi brought its know-how in all-wheel drive systems and lightweight construction during the engineering phase, and then the auto company also inputted its plug-in hybrid and full electric powertrains expertise. This little moon rover is 85 percent aluminum and weighs a mere 30 kilograms (66 pounds) – at the top we can observe the pivoting solar panel from where it gets the energy.



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