Since the Aston Martin DB11 was just introduced this March during the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the actual deliveries of the model will take place late this year.

This means keeping up the interest is a job for the testing department – which have a habit of lending prototypes to experienced journalists for behind the scene rides. For example, Steve Sutcliffe from Auto Express got the chance to try out the Aston DB9 replacement, even though the pre-production prototype still needed suspension and traction improvements and also wears a heavy coat of camouflage. The Brit still says the DB11 is a great GT cruiser with balance and custom handling characteristics. While the Auto Express videos are usually much shorter, we have here a 10-minute preview of the DB 11 that was driven on the Bridgestone test track in Italy.

The most interesting part is where Steve – now a freelance worker for the Drive channel or the folks at Auto Express – takes the DB 11 on the wet handling circuit. And since he is among the few British journalists with serious motorsport experience, we can take his word for it when he proudly says the model doesn’t feel turbocharged. With the stuff under the hood comparing well against the Mercedes-AMG GT we can also highlight the interior evolution of the classic GT. It now boasts a massive 12.3-inch display for the instrument cluster and an 8 incher in the dashboard to handle infotainment duties.

Via Auto Express


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