[VIDEO] Autocar drives the McLaren P1 GTR image

Autocar has recently went for a spin in one of the most impressive hypercars McLaren has ever put together, the P1 GTR.

Adding a P1 GTR to your probably already impressive supercar collection may turn out to be pretty tricky considering the fact that this is a track-only toy so you will needs a platform and a lot of free time to take it to the circuit and then there is also the problem of exclusivity. Money should have been mentioned first because, as you most likely know by now, the McLaren P1 GTR is not exactly what you can call cheap. But if you still want to buy one, than you may want to check out the video posted below, which has been signed by Autocar.

McLaren has introduced the new P1 GTR in a premiere at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, a couple of weeks ago. This is based on the P1 hypercar and it is getting the carbon fiber panels in the engine bay and roof, the polycarbonate side windows, titanium and Inconel exhaust pipes and several other tweaks. The model is now 50 mm lower and 80 mm wider compared to the regular P1, with a downforce improved by 10 percent. This is riding on 19-inch motorsport center locking alloy wheels with Pirelli slick tires. Power is provided by an updated 800 HP (588 kW) 3.8 liter twin turbo V8 engine, backed up by the 200 HP (147 kW) electric motor. The total output is 1,000 HP (736 kW). No performance details have been made public by now.