This is among the roster of questions nobody really asked, but after all this is how legends were born on many occasions. So here it goes, Autocar has set out to find if the Nissan Leaf electric is capable of drifting.

While the Japanese automaker prides itself with lots of drift machines – they even set up an NV200 van to do it – they never thought if the greenish Leaf would be up for the job. We’re also certain no legend will be born here, aside from a smile if you’re at work on a tiresome Monday. Because a front wheel drive model is not really prone to drifting, and the Leaf doesn’t even have a hydraulic handbrake, the British magazine specialists decided to make some small changes. In their bid to demonstrate the Nissan EV can go sideways the magazine’s Matt Prior went out on the British Drift Championship track. In order to achieve a degree of tail happiness, the electric compact has been equipped with plastic tires on the rear axle.

The rest of the vehicle was left entirely as it was when it came out of the factory gates. The initial attempt saw the Leaf enter the corner at around 43 mph (69 km/h), which led to a track dance. Later on the second try was done at 50 mph (80 km/h) and the result was again good. There were also mishaps – an attempt turned into a 360-degree spin that brought minor damage to the rear-right wheel. By the way, people might still consider the Leaf primarily because of its 107-mile (172-km), EPA-rated electric range for the 2016 model year which now has a 30 Kwh battery.

Via Autocar