[Video] Bangin’ Gears is all about lightweight supercars image

While we’re not particularly proud of the way YouTuber Alejandro Salomondrin depicts his life around supercars, we can’t help but share his latest episode of Bangin’ Gears.

This is because it may answer to the eternal question of how good are super lightweight supercars. And while we’re at it, he may also answer to the question – who’s the best of them all? In the latest episode of his inaptly named Bangin’ Gears web series, he managed to gather around a Lamborghini Aventador SV, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, the Ferrari 458 Speciale – as well as his own Dodge Viper ACR and McLaren 675LT. The clip starts off with some rather practical tests – how well the cars perform when taken to a Drive-In or how many groceries can you stuff inside. The it’s on to the traditional stuff – drag races and hot laps.

The crew is clearly having a great time, so we’re understanding why they tried to make the most out of the time they spent with the supercars. But they also tried to analyze how comfortable the cars are – though the design part is of course biased due to the human nature. Of course, we’re not going to spoil the results for you and as such we’re inviting you to find for yourself which is in their opinion the ultimate lightweight supercar, following the “on the road” tests as well as the “on the track” part. We do advise you to free your schedule, because the episode is very long – at almost 56 minutes.