[Video] Base Alfa Romeo Giulia sharing the road with its QV sibling in Amsterdam image

The Alfa Romeo Giulia has been presented for some time now but it appears there’s still some way before the rebirth model will make its way into showrooms.

That’s because the spectacular sedan is out there in the real world still doing the test rounds and even wearing some camouflage – the base version of the Giulia has been caught in the flesh somewhere in Amsterdam, albeit still wearing the unrevealing camo pattern – but fortunately we also got another look at the gorgeous flagship QV model – which was naturally driven around without any special disguise. Of course the design differences between the two will be easily spotted even by an untrained eye – the entry-level Giulia will make do without hood-mounted air vents, a couple of exhaust pipes (sporting two instead of four) and also used smaller alloys. The giveaway it was the base trim was also observable in the lighting technology – the lesser one used classic halogen technology up front.

We’re expecting the Giulia to reach dealerships during the second part of the year, and as such these tests must be the of the wrap-up kind. If you’re eagerly awaiting the Giulia, we may remind you the Quadrifoglio has managed to go round the Nurburgring with a stellar time of 7:39, making it the fastest production sedan to have ever completed the Nordschleife – courtesy of those 503 hp (510 PS) beating under the hood of the Italian machinery.

Via Grandi Motori