[VIDEO] Batmobile Tumblers cruising through Pittsburgh image

The latest Batmobiles, the Tumblers, were spotted by video cameras rolling around in Pitsburgh.

Fans of the Batman movies will be glad to hear that the superhero’s car is 100 percent functional. Well at least for the machine guns. I think…

The production crew of the movie in which Christopher Nolan had the main role took the Batmobiles on a drive on the streets of Pittsburgh. And it wasn’t long until they attracted all the eyes and especially all the cameras.

Thanks to some fans of the movie, or just petrol-heads wanting to see the vehicle closer, the Tumblers were filmed and it wasn’t long until the videos hit the internet.

The new Batman movie in which Christopher Nolan will play the superhero, will be called “The Dark Knight Rises” and its set for debut sometimes next year.

Batman fans all over the world sit back and open a bag of chips. But be careful not to eat your fingers while you watch these two videos.