[Video] Battledrift 2 sees GT-R and Murcielago fight off on British soil image

The Fourth of July is celebrated differently around the world – for example Daigo Saito decided he needed a new challenger and a new location for his second installment of the Battledrift extravaganza.

Saito is well known on the drift stage – coming from Japan but already renowned all over the world. He is also renowned for mastering a Lamborghini Murcielago – not something you would see fit for drift since it’s an AWD masterpiece. And interestingly enough, while Saito is Japanese, he uses Italian muscle – while his challenger, Steve Biagioni opposes to Saito’s 659-horsepower Lamborghini Murcielago a Japanese Godzilla, a modified 1,419-hp Nissan GT-R. This East versus West competition is of course all in good fun, so we’re getting lots of close calls, huge sideways action, and a showcase of how power is not necessarily everything, all the time.

Though that one is hardly an argument, since combined the two machines make up for more than 2,000 hp – and since Monster Energy sponsors Battledrift 2, you know expenses were well covered. So, they have a nice location – a desolate British dockside with narrow corners, tight spaces, and inclement weather for our delight. And because a video depicting a crazy Lambo and Nissan is not something you would call regular, there’s also Casey Currie making a special guest appearance in his 557-hp Pro Lite race truck.