Everyone knows there are some jobs in the world that clearly have different payoffs – for example being a talented and working guy that plays for a major team such as FC Bayern München certainly comes with some advantages.

For example, each and every player from the football club (soccer if you live in the US of A) has the “dreary” task of changing his company car every 12 months… with another shiny new model from sponsor Audi. Well that’s a drag… This has actually become a tradition, as it’s been around since 2002 and has now reached the 15th season, the players again having to go through the hard work of choosing what they want most to drive. It might be hard – if they like more than one Audi.

FC Bayern Muenchen New Car Handover

It doesn’t seem to have been an issue though, with five players choosing the RS6 Avant – including Hummels, Jérôme Boateng and Thiago Alcántara. Second was the Q7 and its behemoth SQ7 TDI version selected by Müller and Franck Ribéry. Another fast SUV was the SQ5 now in the hands of coach Jupp Heynckes, while Felix Götze is driving the humblest car possible… the A3 Sportback. The players from the Bundesliga reigning champion FC Bayern München actually went to Ingolstadt to take delivery of the shiny new rides, also visiting the factory and having a chance to spot the A8 flagship or the rare A5 Sportback G-tron, which can run on compressed natural gas.


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