[Video] BBC America premiering Chris Harris on Cars today image

Chris Harris is one of the hosts of the revamped Top Gear show, but he was famous way ahead of that due to his ‘Chris Harris on Cars’ YouTube show.

If you enjoyed that show there’s great news if you live in the States – the BBC America has picked it up for a series premiering today, with the premiere scheduled at 9:00 PM Eastern. There’s a small issue though, because looking at the trailer below and sifting through BBC America’s description we came out thinking some of the segments of the new feature will be just replays of Harris’ clips from YouTube. The upside is those will most likely look even better on larger screens. And the channel has been full of reviews of exotic and passionate cars including the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, McLaren 650S, and Aston Martin GT12.

If you’re not familiar with Harris’ work you need to check it immediately on YouTube and tune in for the premiere tonight if you live in America. The guy really knows his stuff around the track and these have been by far some of the best automotive clips out there. In fact, we think this might be even better than the Top Gear with Evans fronting the show. Fortunately we won’t have to live with that guy anymore, as the next season will only feature the other stars in the cast – including Harris. This might also come as compensation for the Top Gear US version that got canceled by the History Channel not long ago.