[Video] Bentley talks design in honor of the new Continental GT image

The British automaker is hitting the heartland of German motoring with its latest iteration of the posh grand tourer Continental GT, with the third generation of the humongous coupe set to “define the modern British luxury.”

With Bentley and Rolls-Royce having parted ways for a good chunk of time, the competition has been good for buyers, both makes taking their attention to detail, opulent interiors and the idea of impressive performance to new heights. Although it’s obviously evolutionary, not revolutionary, the company still felt the need to explain its styling choices, so in a new video Bentley’s Director of Design, Stefan Sielaff, is on point to explain the 2018 Conti GT – with a “traceable bloodline that has influenced” the vehicle throughout the years.

[Video] Bentley talks design in honor of the new Continental GT 4

At this level, it’s of course important to make a car that is “instantly recognizable as a Continental, while still clearly defining a new form language” for the British make in terms of “surfacing and details.” Sielaff explains the lines and forms have been inspired by aircraft fuselages, while the headlights borrow lines from the “perfect cut crystal glass.” The interior, meanwhile, took the design team about 18 months to finalize – and when production starts it will take almost 100 hours and 1,000 craftspeople to complete the interior of each new Continental GT.