[Video] Blindfold lap record set at Silverstone in an Alfa Romeo Giulia image

Weird records are great, because they amuse you and also make you wonder at the many and often crazy solutions imagined by people to bring up something new or interesting to the world.

Not long ago we clocked the biggest parade of American trucks – or the fact that someone drove a Mini on just two wheels for the entirety of a circuit – which was in fact in both cases the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife. So here’s another record that took place on the racetrack – which is of course the safest place anyone can attempt such feats or bravery. An Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio had the windows blacked out and actually needed just one minute and 44.3 seconds to complete an entire lap of the Silverstone circuit in the United Kingdom. The feat happened as the company’s UK division launched the model in the country.


The unconventional achievement was also a tribute to the 65 years since Italian F1 World Champion Nino Farina established a record at Silverstone behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo 159 – he did it in 1 minute and 44 seconds whereas the Giulia Quadrifoglio needed 1:44.3. The car was tamed by Ed Morris, the youngest Brit to compete in the grueling 24-hour endurance race at Le Mans. He was guided by a driver in another Giulia QV – and this was also the first ever blindfolded lap of the seven-turn, 1.64-mile National Circuit.