Video: BMW 1M Coupe vs. Audi TT-RS image

Almost a year has passed and the billboard wars between Audi and BMW are still seem rising regardless of how much power each one of them possess. Which brand is far better than the other one is mounting all the worries between the two manufacturers.

However, one thing is clear that a war fought through billboards, commercials, or any other marketing strategies that the brands try to bring out will not declare their win. In order to prove one superior than the other, they have to come out of the advertising propaganda and stand face to face. To settle down the rivalry between the two, a crew from Motor Sport magazine has found a perfect place to find out who is better and that place is the race track.

Both the Audi and the BMW fans are dying to hear some awe-inspiring news.

And to find out the answer, Motor Sport Magazine has brought two German sports coupes for the comparison – BMW 1M Coupe and Audi TT RS. After the matchups, it has been found that the 1M Coupe offers more horsepower than the TT RS which possess 340 ponies. However, the Audi has one positive thing to flaunt and that is its four wheel drive system.

With such comparison, it’s simply not that easy as we are thinking. Who win the battle at last depends on your perception. It’s not the Motor Sport Magazine who brought the two brands against each other racing to prove which one is better, but the video is a great option for viewing since both the cars race in their natural locale. So for now enjoy the visuals and forget about the rivalry.

By Sunita Mandal