[Video] BMW 4 Series promo footage is all about playing “spot the difference” [LIVE Geneva update] image

Learning games are utterly important during the early development stage of a child – but apparently BMW likes to use these on adults as well – probably to keep our neurons speedy.

BMW is starting to show an unhealthy love for Audi’s way of refreshing models – as the facelift for the 4 Series is really, really, hard to spot. The coupe, convertible, and the arguably great looking Grand Coupe have been through a mid life cycle nip and tuck, which is going to be very hard to spot in the real world – unless you have two cars next to each other. The cars look identical despite BMW’s calling it the Life Cycle Impulse – which have the largest additions in the form of new full-LED headlights and taillights and slightly refreshed air intakes.

2017 BMW 4 Series Cabrio Geneva 2017 02

Additionally, all 4 Series models have LED fog lights, new paint options and extra wheel designs for the four equipment lines (Advantage, Sport Line, Luxury, M Sport). The things get to the “extreme” level of difficulty inside, as the updates are even harder to spot. BMW did use more chrome accents, a high-gloss black finish on the center console and double stitching, as well as three new upholstery colors and a trio of trim strips. Anyways, because fans will still need to get their fix on the 4 Series, here are some accompanying videos from BMW, who does have experts at playing the game and might want to share their findings with the rest of the world.