[Video] BMW 5 Series Touring is a lifestyle choice image

Getting an executive sedan is easily associated with your professional position, but when going for the station wagon the decision is certainly trickier to explain – though apparently not for BMW.

BMW has started its 2017 assault with the new G30 5 Series sedan, and now in preparation for the official public presentation during the Geneva Motor Show it also showed the Touring version. The new station wagon is certainly a lifestyle choice – as you can do almost everything from the comfort of an app or with the help of an electric actuated motor – you can even drive the car into a parking spot without being in the car (remember that not so good James Bond – Pierce Brosnan movie where he drove his BMW 750i by remote from the back seat?). Of course, you might not have the time to get to the Golden Gate Bridge beach for some windsurfing because you’re busy making money.

But you can also take your new G31 5 Series Touring up a windy road mountain because although you have a 36 mm longer car there are shorter overhangs front and back, as well as an additional 8 mm of width. More importantly, depending on the version, you could see the car skinnier by up to 100 kg. And the M550i xDrive has all the credentials to go head to head against the Mercedes-AMG E63 Wagon (ok, maybe not the S version). And you can also expect to be green once the plug in hybrid powertrain makes the wagon jump from the 530e iPerformance sedan.