Now that the cat is out of the bag and everyone knows firsthand from BMW they are diligently working on the revival of the 8 Series, testing and developing is moving forward at a fast pace – especially since we’re dealing with the Nurburgring pace here.

Here seen clad in mind-bending camouflage is a pair of 8 Series models, allegedly the 850i and the fan-awaited M8 version. The first part of the video presents the 8 Series refueling at a gas station, and this means we have time to check out the design hiding under the whirlwind wraps – we are able to see this prototype comes with a changed lower front end compared to other versions, so we might be dealing with the final design. When the 8 Series thunders away from the gas station, we’re actually in for a surprise – the coupe now sports a huge pair of exhaust outlets neatly fitted into the bumper.

Of course, the series production 8 Series comes with a tamed design compared to the concept – and we might be again disappointed by the conventional lines adopting a more relaxed tone akin to most late releases from the company instead of the modern, high-tech aura of the previewing concept. The video’s jump to the Nurburgring then provides a look at a different 8 series prototype, one fitted with double circular pipes and a different bumper instead of singular elements like on the previous test mule.


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