The German automaker is being panned – not by fans of course – for taking the Audi approach of evolutionary design for its core models, but it may break through the crystal glass once the flagship 8 Series comes to life.

This is only going to happen if the brand decides to keep most of the cues from the spectacular 8 Series Concept – and boy we hope it does. Before that question gest an answer, we can see the new 8 Series Concept is a working prototype because it has its own commercial, complete with epic slow-motion reactions to the apparition. The luscious flagship coupe has been presented to the worldwide audience of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, and we already know the Bavarians are looking to morph it into a production model next year.


If the company doesn’t tone down much of the design lines it will certainly stand out in the current range – especially as a breath of fresh air in terms of exterior design. The design has all the right traditional cues – shark-nose like on the original 6 Series, angular elements from the 8 Series, as well as curvaceous elements from the current 6 Series, all wrapped in a futuristic aesthetic. The interior is also a break from convention – the iDrive is still here, but the simpler design feels just as fresh as the exterior.


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