[Video] BMW America teases M5 drift stunt image

The Bavarian automaker has been keen in recent weeks to showcase everything about its latest performance flagship, the all-new generation M5, and the American unit is on its own promising something “amazing” is coming soon.

To back the claims the division has also released a short teaser video, with the stunt – that also finds in the middle of the action the predecessor as well – appearing to be focusing on the drift prowess of the AWD machine. BMW is claiming a “drifting performance, unlike anything you’ve seen before,” without revealing more – but at least the description of the teaser video does give us the definitive date for when all details will be released – January 9. We can only think of a drift performance that will again put the spotlight on the new, smart all-wheel-drive system of the M5, a major departure from the rear-wheel-drive architecture of the previous generation.

The latest iteration of the M5 is naturally the most prohibitively expensive in history, but also comes out as the most powerful generation of all times – packing under the hood the upgraded variant of the 4.4-liter V8 biturbo engine, good for 600 horsepower delivered through the eight-speed automatic transmission to all four wheels for impressive performance. That would be 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in what was once the panache of supercars – a mere 3.2 seconds. The optional M Driver’s package also brings the maximum speed up to spec – nailing a 189 mph (304 kph) figure.