[Video] BMW explains the new M5 xDrive image

BMW is releasing a steady stream of bits of information regarding the yet unwrapped 5 Series flagship – the M5 – we’ve actually seen the new high performance sedan, but still wearing a full body camouflage.

The Bavarian company is looking to entice – or bore to death – everyone with glimpses of their most technically advanced car ever, one that needs to go head to head with the Mercedes-AMG E63. The high-performance limousine is awaiting the official presentation still, but we’ve actually seen it on numerous occasions wearing the camouflage – and from official sources. Its most important upgrades include the enhanced engine and an all-new M xDrive system that can actually make the switch between full rear wheel drive and a safer all-wheel drive at the touch of a button. BMW is now offering us a detailing video as to how that “magic” is happening.

This is the first model gaining BMW’s new M xDrive system – but it’s not the first in the world to do it, as the honor belongs to the AMG E 63. The BMW M5 default mode is a regular all-wheel-drive, but the M Dynamic Mode changes it to “4WD Sport” mode, which is a rear-biased AWD. Switch the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) off entirely and the driver can go for 2WD, if you want to get sideways. Rumor has it the M5 will make use of an enhanced variant of the 4.4-liter biturbo V8 used in the M550i xDrive – there’s no official world but power is reported at around 600 horsepower.