BMW fans will have another tool to snatch new adepts inside the “cult” following – we have here the video of the BMW 3 Series evolution through time, cooked using a morphing animation.

The good folks that are behind the idea have made a very impressive 1:30-minute tribute video, quickly touching the most crucial or important models from the very rich 3 Series history. This isn’t here as a fleeting whimsy because the Bavarian brand is – as you should already know – celebrating its century of existence this year. Back to the 3 Series we can remind you the model arrived as the successor of the acclaimed 02 Series back in May 1975 and in its first generation people could only have very sporty two-door coupes and convertibles packing four- and six-cylinder engines. Back in 1982 the best known 3 Series arrived – the E30 model – with new body versions: four-door sedan and estate. It was also the first to have a diesel engine and provided the basis for the first M3 – while the 325iX was the first to bring al wheel drive.

In 1991 the 3 Series E36, with sedan, coupe, convertible, station wagon, and hatchback body styles. Then came the E46, alongside its best selling year to date: 2002 had 561,249 deliveries worldwide. The 3 Series E90/E91/E92/E93 was introduced in 2005 and the current sixth generation has been around since 2012 as a sedan, station wagon, long wheelbase sedan (China exclusive) and five-door hatchback. The coupe and convertible now have their own series number – 4 – and this is the first generation to only pack turbocharged petrol and diesel engines.

Via Donut Media


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