Since the cat is out of the bag – eg. the G30 generation of the 5 Series executive sedan has been presented, Clive Owen’s The Driver can showcase his new ride in the latest trailer for The Escape short.

The Hire series will always remain a milestone in social media – they practically invented the online viral – so we have really high expectations for the latest installment in The Hire series. That’s not really because it’s a new star-studded, action-packed short but because the previous shorts set the bar pretty high. We do get a sum of all goodies here: the all new 2017 5 Series sedan as the hero car, Clive Owen seasoned like fine wine as the hero driver, Dakota Fanning as the young celebrity – aka damsel in distress, and a director that knows what he’s doing – Neill Blomkamp. Fans of The Walking Dead series will mostly rejoice at the baddie – played by Jon Bernthal, which should be responsible for the mayhem and destruction part.

If you need to remember, it all started back in 2001 when BMW decided they needed a stylish manner of highlighting their models – so they brought in the vehicles, as well as renowned actors and some of the best action movie directors in the world. And they also made Clive Owen famous in the titular character The Driver – and maybe this is where the Transporter series got its inspiration from. The new installment will premiere on October 23 at



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