[Video] BMW Films return with Clive Owen in “The Escape” image

Neill Blomkamp – of District 9 fame – is the director called to host the return of Clive Owen as the driver in a new and long awaited installment of the BMW film series.

The BMW Films series has been one of the best cinematic outings of the German brand and after a long hiatus the company has decided to indulge in yet another entry – The Escape. And because it should come back with a “bang”, there’s no shortage of talent here. We have Clive Owen and Neil Blomkamp, but we also have Dakota Fanning, Jon Bernthal (formerly of The Walking Dead), and Vera Farmiga. The short movie will be premiering Sunday, October 23, at 6:00 PM EST on BMWFilms.com. For now we’re left with a 30-second teaser that is spoiler free and shrouds in mystery the plot – just showing us a bit of Owen and his BMW.

We know it will be action-packed, as it seems Fanning’s character needs the Driver’s aide to survive the Bernal gun-blazing soldier. The eight original movies in the BMW Films series premiered online in 2001, and were incredibly received back then (YouTube only appeared back in 2005). Owen, who was unknown at the time, got a break in acting as he was directed by some of the best men at the moment – for example late John Frankenheimer (ofGrand Prix fame) for the initial installment, Ambush.

Via BMW Blog