[Video] BMW further details the facelifted 1 Series image

Automakers like to call facelifted models as being new, but the “new 1 Series” might be technically accurate in its description – though most people would argue to the part of being new.

That’s because automakers are falling in love with the “spot the differences” game, playing it on real-life models. BMW is of course diligently working on the all-new 1 Series family, which most likely will come with an evolutionary design – so the facelift does have to be subtle enough for the successor to seem at least mildly different. Fans might also want to snatch this 1 Series, because the next one will have more to do with Minis than BMWs, given its front wheel drive and other components sharing. The refreshed 1 Series is on sale starting this month in three- and five-door body configuration, with the RWD offered in a wide range of three-, four-, and six-cylinder engine configurations.

BMW M140i xDrive

Today it might be the last chance to grab the 1 Series with the inline-six unit of the flagship M140i – the turbocharged mill produces 340 horsepower (250 kilowatts) and 500 Newton-meters (368 pound-feet) of torque. Meanwhile, the new generation will come lighter, thanks to the UKL platform, and also bring a raft of dimensional enhancements to enable a more spacious interior.