BMW has taken the wraps off the i3 special concept during the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas, as the model has demonstrated some of its safety features.

In case you have been wondering what BMW is doing these days, besides the laser headlights of the recently unveiled M4 Coupe, the answer would be working on a special concept based on the i3. The model in question has been officially presented to the public at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas. This has been equipped with on-board laser scanners and the information obtained from the environment is integrated with the digital plan of a car park.

Next up, the system is looking for an empty spot and once this is found, the vehicle will drive itself over there and park. Whenever the driver would like to leave, all he / she has to do is use voice command at a smartwatch to call for his car, which will return on its own. This is possible thanks to the automated Remote Valet Parking Assistant, which is working together with the 360 degree collision avoidance system.

This safety feature is capable of detecting objects and vehicles and it will automatically steer around them. Stopping can also be made by the one-off car on itself. These technologies are expected to be implemented by BMW into its upcoming models, but don’t expect them sooner than a few years. You can check out what this i3 special concept can do in the video posted below.


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