[Video] BMW i3 goes to the library to lend some books, disturbs no one image

The German automaker is having a really full week – the i3 has been blessed with a Carbon Edition, the 1 Series has been updated, and its larger brother the 2 Series also came with a refresh, not to mention the new editions for the 3 Series, the enhancements for the entire range or the teased return of the 8 Series.

Well, that’s a handful – so we’re guessing after today we’re going to get silence from BMW for a while. And this is precisely what they delivered – a promo to show us how silent the fully electric i3 can be. The EV doesn’t get any new perks, but a new promotional video is here to depict its “silent performance.” It’s a truly global affair as well – BMW Canada is the creator of the video, which was actually shot on location in Budapest, Hungary. This is a CGI-enhanced commercial – and it’s not nearly as pretty as the shots from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

But we can watch and amuse ourselves while the zero-emissions hatchback is getting into a library – where thanks to its pure electric powertrain is not going to disturb anyone. We’re not giving the absolute perfection grade here – there’s a noise coming from the electric motor and the most obvious disturbance is actually the tire screech on the shiny waxed wooden floor – some people might compare that to the sound of chalk on the school board…