[VIDEO] BMW M3 F80 caught testing in hot weather image

The new generation of the BMW M3 F80 has been caught on camera while it was being tested in Spain’s hot climate.

After it was spied on the Nurburgring a couple of times and with the model being rendered just a few days ago, the future generation of the BMW M3, codenamed the F80, is entering our news once more. The 2014 BMW M3 F80 has been caught testing in hot weather in Spain and the video posted below this article is also providing a good exhaust sound and we can also hear the vehicle’s startup for the first time.

The 2014 BMW M3 F80 will be powered by an inline six-cylinder engine with multiple turbochargers, which is expected to develop a total output of approximately 450 horsepower. The unit is said to be a reworked version of the N55 which is now getting modified cylinder heads and a strengthened aluminum block. A Performance Package is expected to be offered on the new BMW M3 generation which should bring its total output to 473 horsepower and enable it to reach a top speed of 300 km/h. The future M3 will hit the market sometimes next year.

Source: Bimmer Post